Blog your way to a new job

In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. One effective way to showcase your skills, network with industry professionals, and attract job offers is through blogging. Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just starting out, leveraging your blog in your job search can be a game-changer. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use your blog to land your dream job. Benefits of Using a Blog in Your Job Search 1. Expand Your Network Blogging is inherently social. It provides a platform to connect with like-minded professionals, potential employers, and industry experts. Engage with your readers through guest blogging, interviews, and link exchanges. Encourage your current audience to introduce you to their networks, widening your reach and influence. 2. Build Long-Term Relationships Finding a new job can often take months or even years. A blog allows you to maintain and nurture professional relationships over time. Regular updates and consistent engagement keep you in the minds of potential employers and collaborators. 3. Offer Value to Others Networking is most effective when it’s mutually beneficial. Use your blog to share valuable insights and solutions to common challenges in your field. By helping others, you increase your visibility and attractiveness as a job candidate. 4. Stay Informed and Knowledgeable Writing blog posts requires research and staying up-to-date with industry trends. This continuous learning process ensures you remain knowledgeable and relevant in your field, even if you’re between jobs. 5. Create a Digital Portfolio Your blog serves as a live portfolio, showcasing your expertise and thought leadership. Potential employers can see your skills and ideas in action. Consider repurposing your best content into eBooks, videos, or other formats to further highlight your capabilities. 6. Start Small, Grow Big Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive. Platforms like Blogger and WordPress offer free options to get you started. As your blog gains traction, you can invest more resources into its development. Effective Blogging Strategies 1. Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule Readers expect regular content. Find a balance that keeps your blog fresh without overwhelming your audience. Regular posts keep your blog active and engaging. 2. Stay On Topic Focus on a specific subject area that aligns with your career goals. This helps build a dedicated audience who knows what to expect from your content. If you have multiple interests, consider starting separate blogs for each. 3. Engage on Social Media and Forums Participate in online communities related to your blog’s focus. Sites like Twitter, Reddit, and relevant forums are great places to meet people and share your content. Offering helpful information can attract attention from influencers and potential employers. 4. Collaborate with Other Bloggers Reach out to popular bloggers in your niche for guest post exchanges and collaborations. This cross-promotion can introduce you to new audiences and strengthen your professional network. 5. Foster Reader Loyalty Encourage your readers to return by responding to comments, answering questions, and creating content that resonates. Highlight popular posts to guide new visitors through your blog. 6. Encourage Thoughtful Debate Take a stand on industry issues and back up your opinions with solid facts. Inviting guest posts with opposing views can stimulate engaging discussions and draw attention to your blog. 7. Balance Content Types Aim for a mix of 70% substantive, original content and 30% personal anecdotes, humor, and curated links. This balance keeps your blog informative and personable. Conclusion In a crowded job market, your blog can be a powerful tool to differentiate yourself. By creating high-quality content and strategically networking, you can make a significant impact and attract the right job opportunities. Embrace the rebel spirit and stand out in your field. At Rebel Tech Service, we specialize in transforming your digital presence with innovative website design, tech support, and cybersecurity solutions to ensure your success. Be the R3BEL and take control of your career journey. By following these tips and strategies, you can effectively use your blog to enhance your job search efforts, build meaningful professional relationships, and ultimately, land your dream job.    Be the R3BEL.

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The Benefits of Digital Decluttering

Do you remember life before the Internet, monitors, and displays relentlessly attacked your senses? For those of us who do, one of the biggest differences between then and now can be seen in our relationships. When fewer things were fighting for our attention, it was easier to maintain our focus on our relationships.   That doesn’t happen as much these days. Coincidentally, some studies tell us that maintaining healthy virtual relationships is much more difficult than when you can interact with a person in the real world. Aside from improved relationships, here are some other significant benefits of clearing the clutter from your digital experience.   More Free Time   Imagine your phone or computer is so full of digital clutter that it slows down. You might not have to imagine this. It may be a part of your current reality. This means doing anything on your phone or laptop takes you longer. The same is true with all of your digital devices.   Clearing the clutter that slows your digital experience leads to more free time. It is not an exaggeration to say that time is your most precious commodity. More free time can lead to a better quality of life because you can focus on the important things.   Less Time Connected   Chronic Internet usage is linked to stress and anxiety. People who spend a significant amount of time connected to the World Wide Web have more relationship problems than those who do not. Staying plugged in and turned on is usually a very sedentary experience. That means the less time you stay connected to the Internet, the better chance you have at physical and emotional health and wellness.   A Faster, More Efficient, and Productive You   Physical and digital clutter kills productivity. It poses mental and physical health hazards. You can’t be as efficient when waiting for slow devices to take you where you want to go. The first noticeable benefits of digital decluttering are more productivity and quicker digital devices.   Less Health-Robbing Stress   Stress is directly related to the six leading causes of death around the world. Let that sink in. You may believe the stress you experience when you have is simply mental. You will get over it. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t exist as an island in either a physical or mental form.   Stress affects every aspect of your health. Mental stress can lead to physical health problems because of a disturbance in hormonal and chemical balances. Digital clutter is a very effective stress booster. Clear up the clutter, and your physical and mental states will benefit.   A Fatter Bank Account   Digital clutter means slower, less efficient devices. Over time, that clutter can damage a consumer electronics device to the point where it needs to be replaced. Keep your devices clear of clutter, and you won’t have to replace them as frequently. You also won’t have to spend money paying technicians to repair damage done by digital clutter.   These are just a few benefits of organizing and cleaning your digital devices. Your overall reward is a better experience. Take some time to declutter your digital life. You will enjoy more valuable free time, better overall physical and mental health, and more money in your pocketbook. Therefore, we all have a R3BEL side and even though we might have some chaos, we can still have an organized chaos.    Be the R3BEL 

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Best online business to start

For whatever reason, whether you hate your 9 to 5 job or you love the idea of being your own boss, you’ve decided to start a business. Some have even taken the hit of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic and have been given the freedom to do so. Check out our other post on How to Start Your Own Business to further learn about the details in starting out. Before you focus on the details, you need the idea. You need to know where you want to start a business in. It’s always best to follow your skills and passion, but I will provide a list of 4 areas where it’s best to start an online business:   Freelancing Becoming a freelancer is known as the best way to start your own business, since you’re only working for yourself and doing what you love. You use your existing skills and passion to gain employees that need your specific skillset. It’s a fast and profitable route since it only requires your skills, passion, and interest and costs nothing to start. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, copy writer, video editor, or photographer, you have specific skills that are hard to learn. You could create services on platforms like Fiverr that highlight your work and skills to those that need them. You would be creating and doing what you love every day and getting paid for it! Online Retail The online retail industry is all about selling products. Maybe you make your own products, buy products cheap and sell them for higher prices, or buy broken items and fix them. You use a platform that specializes in retail work to make your products visible for consumers to buy. For example, if you make shoes, you have products that people need for their day-to-day lives. You could display your products on services like Amazon, that do all the work of storage, packing, shipping, and returns. This leaves room for you to focus on getting customers to buy your products. Software Engineering and Development This industry deals with creating, testing, and supporting software on platforms and websites. If you specialize in software engineering and development, this route could come with a lot of opportunities for you. The nature of the software development industry makes it ideal for contract employment. If you’re a tech and software enthusiast, this choice may be the best for you! You would most likely start off as a salary employee but work your way up to be a self-employed contractor. Statistics even say that the demand for software developers will increase by 21% around 2028. Along with these opportunities, you even have the luxury of working from home. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people or companies’ products. If you’ve already started the process of a business and have a website, you can make money by simply allowing advertisements on your website. Finding a product, you like and promoting it with your business allows a share of the profit that person or company makes from it. With this, you can even gain experience of promoting your own products. Let’s say you already have a successful business and other people want you to promote their products by putting advertisements on your website. This is an easy and fast way to earn a large income. Some affiliate marketers make seven figures every month as an income!   Hopefully this list with evaluations acts as a motivator for a path to success. There are endless possibilities in each of these markets and others. The Real REBEL encourages you to find a path that works best for you! Check out this video on our YouTube channel that further discusses the 5 books to read for business.   Be the R3BEL.

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Who is the Real Rebel?

In an article by Marcel Schwantes, he makes points that rebels are starting to change industries. Good or bad, R3BELS are everywhere, changing our world.   Have you ever seen how a R3BEL behaves? Have you ever noticed how a R3BEL mindset thinks? The official definition of a “rebel” is a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler. You don’t need to have a controlling ruler or government figure to resist against to be a R3BEL. Being a rebel comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes your own ego is the tyrant ruler that’s holding you back from extraordinary, new things in life. Be the R3BEL that resists against your own comfort and ego to learn and grow.    I always saw myself as the R3BEL in the room. I’ve been known for doing out of the ordinary things. I chose to help others find this side. It will help you stand out and be remembered by doing things not everyone will understand but appreciate as an element of surprise. Going against the norm may be uncomfortable but it will change you into a better mindset.   That is the key focus of our brand. We work to help other businesses find their R3BEL side and learn to embrace it. This is an introduction of who we are and what we do. We want to work with you. Work with us to find the R3EBL for your business.   Check out this video and quiz below to see how we can help you. Take the quiz Francesca Gino has posted a short quiz to help you learn which type of rebel you tend to be. You’ll get some tips on how you can further develop your rebel talents. Take the quiz here .

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The Power of Branding

If you were to think of the best potato fries, what is your first though? What about the best burger or steak ? Every fast food company and any clothing company wants to get your attention. Why do they want your attention? They want your attention to make sales. They want you to know who they are. One of the main reasons why most companies do not succeed is because customers don’t know they exist. So, branding is one way for your customers to know and remember who you are and why you exist. They do the same thing over and over to get your attention and some do things in a rebellious way and truly stand out. I read a book by Peter Thiel , “Zero to One” , it made me see how to stand out on the business side. This book opened my eyes to see things and be different than other businesses. Branding is the first step to making sure you stand out. Find your passion and try to stand out, be the R3BEL. I started my brand for the Real R3BEL to show my own style in the technology market. I love the process of learning and passionate about supporting others in their own journey to success. There is a lot of competition for your attention and I am humble to know that I cannot do it all alone. We work to bring you the support you need for your business needs and every company needs a good support. Check out our video about branding and how other companies do it. Let us know what you think. Be the R3BEL .

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How to design your website?

Every website starts with an idea. It can be completely personal, (showcasing your day-to-day life), strictly business (displaying the face of your business), or some version of the in-between! Your website depends entirely on the type of business you want to run.   There are some decisions to make when creating your own website. For example, creativity and technology may not be your strongest points. You could always learn the skill yourself, especially since the Internet makes information so accessible. But maybe you don’t have time to learn these skills or just simply don’t want to manage it. When starting a project like this, you need ask yourself these two questions: Do you want to design, be part of every step, and do it yourself? OR Do you want to be hands-off and give your ideas to someone else for them to complete the work?   Take this simple example of baking a homemade pie. Option #1 This option requires nothing but DIY. You do everything yourself and entirely from scratch. You go to the store and buy every ingredient. You take time to make the dough and roll it into the perfect crust. You make the filling and wait for it in the oven. You clean up afterwards and dispose of the mess. Every step, from beginning to end, was done by you only. With this option, you would create the entire website on your own. You would do everything on your own to display your business. You may use platforms that allow you freedom and space to work on your own. All the coding and features would be built by you or a third-party application. Each step has been planned and set up, entirely by you. Once done, you must maintain it and keep up with updates. Option #2 This option is all about making it easier for you. You still do the work, but with a little help. Maybe you use a food delivery app, like Blue Apron, that prepares and delivers all the ingredients to your door. You skip through leaving your house and making the dough, crust, and filling. All you have to do is put ingredients together, wait for it in the oven, and clean the little mess you made. Each step was still done by you, just shortened with some help. Most go for this option where you would create the website with some help. Platforms like WordPress, WIX, and Shopify are website builders that give you the right tools to create and make up for the lack of technology skills. They have prebuilt templates made for when you don’t have the creativity to design something original. Each step is designed for you to do less work and focus on your business ideas. You can even pay a monthly fee to one of these platforms to keep tabs and update your website for you. Option #3 In this option, you do NO work! You hire a food delivery service, like Uber Eats, to bake and deliver the finished product to your house. Every step is done for you. You just look at the menu, plan your delivery time, and the homemade pie is ready, with no cooking or cleaning necessary! This option is all about the finished product. The entire process is done and managed by someone else. You present the idea, and they will work for it.   Like every business is different, so is the website. Each situation has different levels of support, which will result in different levels of pricing.   OUR SERVICES Here at the Real Rebel, we offer a full package to build you a customized, supported website. We do all the technical work, so you can focus on doing what you do best in your business. We even help create and build business ideas, boost creativity and confidence, and support and brand your businesses. We partner and become part of your team to further develop your idea and make it real. Let’s work together.     Check out this video we made to help get ideas on the website platforms that are in the industry.   Be the R3BEL.

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How to start your own business?

Like all good things in life, a business is hard to start.   Though I am still learning, I am here to give simple advice that will help you in creating a steady plan for a successful business. I will provide 8 points, each with a simple evaluation, that will act as a guide. Before you continue reading, understand that this path comes with a lot of uncertainty, but if you remain positive and consistent, you will find yourself one step closer to becoming a successful business owner.   Evaluate yourself. Take this step to look deeper into yourself. Find your skills and figure out if you can turn that into a business. Can your skills be used as a service or product? If you’re having trouble, ask yourself these questions: What am I most passionate about? What skills do I have? Am I an expert at this skill?   What type of business do you want? Once you find the skill you want to turn into a business, the next step is figuring out how to put yourself out there. Ask yourself: What kind of business do I want to build? This step is about exploring how other business models are set up to get ideas and creating your own plan.   Branding yourself is a good way to put your business out there for people to know and remember who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Check out our other post The Power of Branding to really understand the big role branding plays in lifting a business.   An online presence is a simple start since there’s low costs to just having the name of your brand on the Internet. Depending on what you want out of your business, a physical location would come a couple steps after. Just know that there are a lot of stakes coming from owning a physical location. Details like startup money, inventory, furniture, employees, etc. make it difficult for you to recover that investment.   Do market research. Many people underestimate how important this step is in doing your research. Research is what teaches you what other businesses are doing and how they are doing it so successfully. Based on the information you gather, you can work to create your own original plan. If you do your research right, you’ll see the value of your market and how much you can potentially make from your business. For example, if your market is low, adjust your plan for a better success rate. Don’t allow the market to scare or discourage you. Just be inspired to do something better and different than others.   Make the business real. If you take the last 3 steps seriously, you’ll know it’s time to make your business real. Anyone can say they want to start a business and throw out some ideas, but once you put it on paper it becomes a whole lot more real. Doing all the legal processes is the next step in ensuring your business isn’t just “talk” anymore. Legal processes include: Business structure (ex. LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp) Name of business Licenses EIN with the IRS Permits Business bank accounts Trademarks, copyrights, patents Logo, design, and website   Using your website and business email. Now that all your legal information is set, the next step is using your website and business email. Having a clean website is the display of what you do, what you offer, and methods of contact for anyone that’s interested. Your website is the key promotional feature of your business.   Many people make the mistake of using their personal email instead of a business email. Though the work will still be done with the same effort and skill, using a personal email looks unprofessional and you may not be taken seriously. It gives off the effect that you don’t want an online presence, which is the opposite of what you need. Using your business email makes your brand look more professional and real.   Accounting system. One of many features that go into running a business is budgeting and accounting plans. This lets you see what it takes to run your brand and lays out every detail of your expenses. What you do with your company expenses leads to your success or downfall. Avoid skipping this step; it will only slow you down and leave you unaware of where your company money is at or going. Learn how to budget properly or hire someone for bookkeeping to maintain plan stability and avoid tax time mistakes.   Build a team When starting your own business, you get high on thinking you can do everything on your own. You may think you can do everything at once or you can do it better than anyone can for you. Be wary of this ego; if left unchecked, you will find yourself not improving your skill or expanding your company at all. You will find yourself stuck in an overworked comfort zone with no improvement. This is why this step can be very difficult for most business owners to trust others.   Focus on the improvement of your brand. Learn to be the leader where people see your vision and want to work with you, not against you. Your team will be the force that takes you to the next level. There will be times in certain areas when you don’t know something, and your team will have the knowledge and skillset that you don’t have to help your company move forward. Be open to new ideas and people because they will make your business greater.   Promote your business. Congratulations for making it this far! You’ve followed the steps to make your business successful. Give yourself a confidence boost and promote yourself and your company. Tell everyone and anyone what you do. Though it may feel weird at first, be happy and proud that you’re doing something that is yours. To start off simply by using

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