How to design your website?

Every website starts with an idea. It can be completely personal, (showcasing your day-to-day life), strictly business (displaying the face of your business), or some version of the in-between! Your website depends entirely on the type of business you want to run.


There are some decisions to make when creating your own website. For example, creativity and technology may not be your strongest points. You could always learn the skill yourself, especially since the Internet makes information so accessible. But maybe you don’t have time to learn these skills or just simply don’t want to manage it.

When starting a project like this, you need ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you want to design, be part of every step, and do it yourself?


  • Do you want to be hands-off and give your ideas to someone else for them to complete the work?


Take this simple example of baking a homemade pie.

  • Option #1

This option requires nothing but DIY. You do everything yourself and entirely from scratch. You go to the store and buy every ingredient. You take time to make the dough and roll it into the perfect crust. You make the filling and wait for it in the oven. You clean up afterwards and dispose of the mess. Every step, from beginning to end, was done by you only.

With this option, you would create the entire website on your own. You would do everything on your own to display your business. You may use platforms that allow you freedom and space to work on your own. All the coding and features would be built by you or a third-party application. Each step has been planned and set up, entirely by you. Once done, you must maintain it and keep up with updates.

  • Option #2

This option is all about making it easier for you. You still do the work, but with a little help. Maybe you use a food delivery app, like Blue Apron, that prepares and delivers all the ingredients to your door. You skip through leaving your house and making the dough, crust, and filling. All you have to do is put ingredients together, wait for it in the oven, and clean the little mess you made. Each step was still done by you, just shortened with some help.

Most go for this option where you would create the website with some help. Platforms like WordPress, WIX, and Shopify are website builders that give you the right tools to create and make up for the lack of technology skills. They have prebuilt templates made for when you don’t have the creativity to design something original. Each step is designed for you to do less work and focus on your business ideas. You can even pay a monthly fee to one of these platforms to keep tabs and update your website for you.

  • Option #3

In this option, you do NO work! You hire a food delivery service, like Uber Eats, to bake and deliver the finished product to your house. Every step is done for you. You just look at the menu, plan your delivery time, and the homemade pie is ready, with no cooking or cleaning necessary!

This option is all about the finished product. The entire process is done and managed by someone else. You present the idea, and they will work for it.


Like every business is different, so is the website. Each situation has different levels of support, which will result in different levels of pricing.



Here at the Real Rebel, we offer a full package to build you a customized, supported website. We do all the technical work, so you can focus on doing what you do best in your business. We even help create and build business ideas, boost creativity and confidence, and support and brand your businesses. We partner and become part of your team to further develop your idea and make it real. Let’s work together.



Check out this video we made to help get ideas on the website platforms that are in the industry.


Be the R3BEL.

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