The Power of Branding

If you were to think of the best potato fries, what is your first though? What about the best burger or steak ? Every fast food company and any clothing company wants to get your attention. Why do they want your attention? They want your attention to make sales. They want you to know who they are. One of the main reasons why most companies do not succeed is because customers don’t know they exist.

So, branding is one way for your customers to know and remember who you are and why you exist. They do the same thing over and over to get your attention and some do things in a rebellious way and truly stand out. I read a book by Peter Thiel , “Zero to One” , it made me see how to stand out on the business side. This book opened my eyes to see things and be different than other businesses. Branding is the first step to making sure you stand out.

Find your passion and try to stand out, be the R3BEL. I started my brand for the Real R3BEL to show my own style in the technology market. I love the process of learning and passionate about supporting others in their own journey to success. There is a lot of competition for your attention and I am humble to know that I cannot do it all alone. We work to bring you the support you need for your business needs and every company needs a good support.

Check out our video about branding and how other companies do it. Let us know what you think.

Be the R3BEL .

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